CRE Outreach provides programs and services that empower under-served individuals from low-income populations through the transformative power of the arts. Our key demographics that we serve are: at-risk youth; people with disabilities; and military veterans.

By partnering with local service agencies and schools, we too have become a community service organization. We provide opportunities for participants with limited accessibility to the arts to safely explore the endless possibilities of creative expression while promoting social skills, independence and confidence that can translate into an increased quality of life.

Many of the people in the communities we serve are homeless, unemployed and disabled. We address these needs by providing our services free of charge and offering stipends for performances, meals, and transportation to and from rehearsals. Workshops, rehearsals and performances offer participants the ability to practice public speaking through line recitation and escape from their challenges using their imaginations when stepping into a role. We provide a vehicle designed to empower individuals to find their voice, develop life skills, and exceed the expectations and common misconceptions about their capabilities.

Below are examples of how we are transforming lives through our programs.