PODCAST WITH COCO ATAMA features host, Coco Atama (Theatre by the Blind) exploring all-things CRE through in-depth interviews with program participants and directors that give listeners a unique perspective on topics ranging from living with disabilities, to coping with PTSD, to finding one’s voice through the joy of performance.



EPISODE 4 – COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, Virtual Programming (6/12/20)

In Episode 4, host Coco Atama talks with Judy Welch (Program Manager, Veterans Empowerment Theatre), Lana Negrete (Program Director, Outreach Through The Arts), Alan Davis (Member, Rex & Friends), and Maliaka Mitchell (Member, Theatre by the Blind) about topics ranging from COVID-19, BLM, and their participation in CRE Outreach’s virtual programming.


In Episode 3, Host Coco Atama (Theatre by the Blind) talks with Cosette Ruesga, the Co-Writer and Assistant Director of the upcoming original show, “Point of Extinction” (June 21 – July 7 at The Blue Door). Atama also speaks with illusion designer, Dominik Krzanowski and TBTB participant, Kenny Lee. Stay tuned to the end of the Podcast to hear an exclusive clip of the cast rehearsing the dramatic first scene of the show.

Theatre by the Blind, the country’s only blind theatre troupe performing original works, helps visually impaired individuals by providing participants with a constructive and creative forum to confront their challenges while informing the public, raising awareness, and changing perceptions about the capabilities of the blind. These remarkable individuals create and perform original theatrical works that empower and inspire program participants and audiences alike. For tickets to this and other shows visit www.BlueDoorCulver.com



In Episode 2, Host Coco Atama (Theatre by the Blind) talks with Veterans Empowerment Theatre Director, Greg Shane as well as participants, Jesse Tobar and Asia Davis about their experiences in the military and their preparation for the upcoming production of “Silent Torment” written by U.S. Air Force MSgt, Daniel P. Ruffino. You can also hear an original song written by Asia David called “It’s My Life” which, along with several other songs will be featured in the production.

Veterans Empowerment Theatre (VET) features a variety of performing arts workshops and opportunities that give our nation’s brave service members a safe environment to voice their own heroic stories, personal tragedies, triumphs, and experiences through theatre. For tickets to this and other shows visit www.BlueDoorCulver.com



In this pilot episode, Host Coco Atama (Theatre by the Blind) talks with Rex & Friends participant, August McAdoo as well as Musical Director, Laurie Grant about autism, music, and their upcoming production of “Rex & Friends Unplugged!” You can also hear a behind-the-scenes clip of the entire group rehearsing a song for the show!

Rex & Friends is a program of CRE Outreach, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering underserved populations in Los Angeles including individuals with disabilities, military veterans, and at-risk youth. For tickets to this and other shows visit www.BlueDoorCulver.com