CRE Outreach is a non-profit arts organization that provides multi-disciplinary performing arts participation and performance opportunities to under-served populations in Los Angeles.

Home to Theatre by the Blind, a decade-old blind theater troupe, CRE Outreach is comprised of dreamers and believers. Conventional opinion tells us to focus, but we are unique in the breadth of programs we run and the people we serve: film school for the blind, theater for military veterans, music for people with autism, and in-school music and theater programs for low-income youth.

CRE is an organization that colors outside of the lines, existing in the realm of possibility and creativity. We believe in saying ‘yes’ more than saying ‘no’ and we aren’t afraid to reach beyond the limits of what others say we can or can’t do. It is this spirit of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible that invites all of our participants, staff, contributors and audiences to live their wildest dreams and best lives regardless of personal circumstances.