The arts can uplift, unite, teach, build communities, inspire and heal.

CRE Outreach is dedicated to empowering under-served individuals from low-income populations in the greater Los Angeles area through the performing arts and educational programs. Through our innovative performing arts programming, CRE Outreach actively engages three core groups of participants: at-risk youth, the visually impaired, and military veterans, helping them overcome the challenges in their lives and successfully navigate through today’s society.

CRE Outreach annually serves over 2650 individuals from many diverse segments of the greater Los Angeles community through performing arts programs and performances at community centers, schools, and the public at large. Partnering with local service agencies such as the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the Lake Street Community Center in Downtown Los Angeles, the Braille Institute of Los Angeles, and the Junior Blind of America, we provide opportunities for participants to safely explore the endless possibilities of theatre while promoting social skills, independence and confidence that can translate into an increased quality of life.